Is it me or is it you?


Well there always comes a time in our life when we all are left wondering ‘what happened?’ Or ‘whose fault was it?’ Is’nt it? As I ponder upon this statement I realize that things could have been lesser complicated …
We are the ones who make it more complicated than it is .. Our ego is one big thing that will come in between .. Even though we realise that it was our fault .. ‘Sorry’ is not a word in our dictionary .. It is a forbidden word isn’t it ?
By just mentioning this word a crime would have been committed!!
No! Right?! So what is the fuss about??!
Be it an affair, an intimate relationship or even a friendship ..I think the best thing that one can remember is that life is short ..too short according to me to ponder on mistakes, hold grudges or to hold on to irrelevant facts ..
Remember this mantra : Be happy ,stay happy .
Charm yourself with what you can do about your life ! Become hardworking ! And stop pondering over the petty fact about who was the culprit. Cherish yourself , your partner  and your family because when life gives you lemons its time to have tequila shots ! xD
Till then adiós ❤


Being a foodie


Who doesn’t love food??
The different  cultures, backgrounds , states ,cities,  countries provide us with immense flavour ..
The cuisine is continuously ever changing from one place to the other !
The perfect blend of flavours and the feeling when you taste something heavenly is just euphoric .. You feel that it the one thing in life you love the most.
That emotional phase when you critisize your own can never forget …
Cooking is an art of marrying flavours together like a perfect match…

Being a foodie is loving food and not hogging it ! It is experiencing the flavours on your palate and exploring the divine flavours.

I am a vegan .

I am a foodie.

Are you a foodie too?

Note: in this article  I have tried to capture the emotions of a true foodie. Please comment and let me know if you are a true foodie and agree with me.



Why we get attracted to nightlife in a city ?


  • Love socialising
  • Love partyin
  • having alcohol because you like it
  • The glamour
  • The fun

Well these are are a few reasons which come to my mind while i psychoanalayse the cause of attraction to nightlife in a city .

A city is branded as glamourous if it has a ‘happening’ nightlife whereas  when it just has  it monuments and the countryside to  rely upon it is deemed as charming.

It is the glamour ,the lifestyle that we get sucked into when we visit a city.

While Cannes in australia has one of the most happening nightlife in the world where everybody comes out on the street on a friday night Europe is bustling through the day and at night the nightlife is shifted indoors . In A few parts of  Europe like London not only the day is happenining but nights are simply fantastic , full of glitz and glamour.

Thailand’s nightlife is something to be remembered for where each turn ,each street has a club … the nightlife is simply amazing when the city comes to life

Well what more can I say … I haven’t visited many places…. But the feeling of getting lost in the glamour studded world is just euphoric ..

As this year is coming to an end I hope that you all have an amazing new year with a certain someone to celebrate with . Till then adiós amigos …



P.S  I am deeply sorry to all my followers for not updating since ages ..

The Start Of Something New.

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share something really exciting with you all. I’m starting my own fashion company with my sister! I’ve been thinking about disclosing this to you all for a while now, but I wanted to be sure before I made any announcement.

But now, I’m very glad to tell you that my label will very soon start functioning! I’m thrilled to share this news with you all. At this point in time, we have created a whole collection of amazing couture pieces, we’ll soon be sharing on our Instagram account @AMDESIGNS_OFFICIAL so it would be a pleasure if you all go and follow my Instagram 🙂 I’ll follow back everyone! #followforfollow

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The Burj Khalifa- the worlds tallest building is a sight worth seeing for. At night when the Burj comes to life with the various embellishments in the form of lights is a mesmerizing sight. You can even go to the top of the Burj to view the wonderful Dubai skyline. At the base of this huge tower lies a fountain where every hour different genres of music is played and the fountain comes to life, dancing to the rhythm of the song.


Adjacent to the Burj is THE DUBAI MALL – the worlds largest mall – which you can’t explore possibly in a day. It requires at least a week. Really!!! For shopaholics ‘like me’ it was heaven on earth. Continue reading

Thailand Diaries: Pattaya!


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” -Albert Einstein.

Hey Guys! I’m back from my oh-so amazing trip from Thailand! And for starters I just need to tell you all that all those shopaholics out there, if you ever get a change to go to Bangkok or Pattaya then do not miss it, because you’ll be in for a treat! So I started my trip in Pattaya, which an amazing coastal city near Bangkok. For all those of you who love to party, Pattaya is the place for you guys! The Walking Street in Pattaya is open all night long! The whole street is bursting with tourists 24/7 All the top bars, restaurants and nightclubs are situated on this street. You can also do a lot of shopping here, as you’ll find a lot of street vendors selling cute stuff. Not only street vendors but you’ll also find many good stores on the street where you can buy shoes and bags. Continue reading




Here I am, posing in Mykonos!

Hey there guys! I just had the most amazing trip of my life. Well this summer I took a vacation to Greece and let me tell you people, I absolutely loved it!! The European continent has a varied culture. European countries while being similar in nature are so much varied in their scenery culture and cuisine. Their rich heritage is what attracts tourists from all over the world. Different languages are spoken in each country yet there is some unknown factor which binds the Europeans together. While I have been to Switzerland, England, Scotland, Italy and Austria, Greece holds an altogether unique scenery. From the whitewashed houses with blue rooftops to the absolutely heavenly seaside Greece is an absolutely mesmerizing country, one which you can’t help but fall in love with. Greece constitutes of about 2000+ islands.. i know huge number right? Sadly, I was only able to tour 3 places in Greece : MYKONOS –SANTORINI & -ATHENS Continue reading

The Review: Mia Bella.

Hewpid-wp-1433436619485.jpegy guys! I went to Delhi this week again! And I visited another cafe, Mia Bella in Hauz Khas Village. The cafe was amazing, I really liked the decor.This is one place in HKV with an awesome lake side view. It is a nice spot for a lazy lunch or a crazy night out, especially if you’re lucky enough to get one of the tables overlooking the deer park.

Continue reading

What is Feminism?

What is Feminism?

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.” – Pat Robertson famously said this in the 90s.


Continue reading