Travel Mantra.


Travelling somewhere? I travel throughout the year so I’m pretty used to stuffing my life into a suitcase on a regular basis. I know a lot of you are getting away this summer so I figured I’d share some useful tips about things I like to bring with me when I’m away on a holiday!
Well here are a few tips which might prove helpful to you!

1) Make a list

-list out all the basic items to be packed.
Recheck, in case you missed something after packing. This will help you to remain organised.

2)Do not pack your whole wardrobe.

You know the number of days you will be travelling. Pack one outfit for each day and 2-3 extra outfits.
We all are tempted to pack more but trust me, I know. When you return you will still have a few outfits not worn cause it is natural to assume that you will go shopping.;)

3) Always recheck your bookings, tickets etc. Before travelling.

4) When travelling to a foreign country always get some cash exchanged beforehand and always carry your international credit card.

5) Make sure you carry some wet facial wipes. Trust me they always come in
handy at some point.

6) In case you are a vegetarian like me, always carry some instant food with you! In my case its cuppa noodles.😁

7) Carry your basic pain relief, anti allergic & nausea controlling medicines. You never know when they will come in handy.

8) Do some research on how to get around a place easily. Book the transportation beforehand.

9) Before booking your hotels always check its reviews  – they are always helpful, check its rating , and of course its COST and whether or not do they provide you with FREE WiFi, cause what is life without WiFi?

10) When travelling abroad do inquire about the calling fares beforehand. You can also always buy a local sim abroad and subscribe for international calling – as this tends to be cheaper.

11) When you go for sightseeing avoid buying souvenirs from shops located there as they tend to be overly expensive there. Buy souvenirs and gifts from shops situated in the local market in the city.

12) Last but not the least, travel light and most importantly enjoy yourselves. Go sightseeing and try the local cuisines .
Have a nice trip my lovelies.



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