The Review: 5O Shades Of Grey.

Joint review time! Resham and are going to post joint reviews from time to time. This one is about a film that everyone has been talking about. 


So, everyone is talking about this movie. Some hate it whereas on the other hand some people absolutely love it. Whereas, the film itself has only got one star 1/5 on Rotten Tomatoes and has low ratings on other sites too. As for us, we did not like the movie at all. Don’t get me wrong, We’ve read the trilogy and we kind of liked it. It wasn’t a book that I would want to read again, but it was an okay one time read. Now let’s talk about the movie.

A’s Review:

For starters. I do not like Dakota Johnson at all, I personally feel that she cannot act properly nor can she speak clearly. I was really sad when she was selected to play Ana. There are a lot of other reasons too.

1) I did not like the direction. I personally feel that the movie was not directed properly and that was one of the reasons why the movie failed to impress me. And I know some of you are now wondering, “How did it earn $1OO million in the opening week?”  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Every single person who read the Book was really excited for the film and that is why the audiences rushed to the theatres to watch this film, most of the fans had booked their tickets in advance. But when we all actually saw the film we all were disappointed, well weren’t we? 

2)  Let’s talk about Jamie Dornan for a minute. Who doesn’t like Jamie? No-one. He is hot and amazingly talented Yes, you read that right, I like Jamie. But I was a bit disappointed when I saw him in this movie, his acting skills were a bit suppressed . I have seen Jamie’s acting in the film Marie Antoinette and he was outstanding. But in 5O Shades of Grey, due to the poor direction, he wasn’t able to showcase the audience how well he can actually act and partially because of the lack of on-screen chemistry between him and Dakota. Again, because I think Dakota cannot act properly.

R’s Review: 

3) THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER. It’s a belief that I have always followed .The emotions and the chemistry between two people the reader feels can never compete with the movie . This is another reason which tends to be disappointing in the movie.

4) Sadly to say but the only thing lending class to the movie was Jamie’s acting (which could have been better) & his personality.

5) I personally feel that the amount of sexual tension that was projected in the book was somewhat failed to be portrayed in the movie. It seemed as if the characters were going at it just for the sake of it.




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