Letting Go Is Not Easy.


I have inserted this gif so that all of us know why shopping is better that being in a relationship.

Yes, letting go of things is the hardest thing to do. And by “things” I mean clothes.

So, I’ve moved house recently and during the initial stages of packing, my mother told me that I should get rid of all the things especially clothes that I didn’t need anymore and as those words left my mother’s mouth all I could think about was how, HOW COULD I LET GO OF ALL THE CLOTHES THAT I’VE HOARDED. I didn’t want to let go of anything. I justified keeping half my wardrobe on the basis that I would use it one day. And frankly speaking I really do not know when that “one day” will come or if I put it in a better way will it ever come?

Have you ever felt this way? I just cannot give away the things I do not need. Com’on go ahead and call me selfish, go on, but I really do not care because somewhere deep within I know that I’m selfish and so is every person on this planet.


It’s just that I cannot even think of anything that’s mine or that was bought for me on someone else’s body. As a matter of fact, I don’t even let my mother throw away her clothes! The day my mom was packing, she kept aside some clothes that didn’t fit her anymore and guess what she was going to throw them away! (Say what? No! No, mother you shall not do that. Never!) I being the Hoarder I am, went ahead and told her that she shouldn’t throw away those clothes, why, you ask me? Because they’ll be an inspiration for her, to get back in shape! Instead of throwing away those poor clothes, she should work out and try to get back in them!

Yes, I really did that and now she also has clothes she doesn’t need. And I’m not at all sorry (#sorrynotsorry) In fact I don’t at all feel guilty. Does this happen to you? If yes, then please comment down below and make me aware of this fact, so that I’m assured that I am not the only person in the world who does this.





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