#Travel: Rolling in comfort on a Budget.


While many of us love to travel we also know that it comes with a heavy expense. We all love to travel to different places and experience different cultures. Unfortunately most of us have limited income therefore in order to make our travel comfortable and at the same time affordable we need to set a budget. After all travelling on a budget is all about playing your cards right. 

ACCOMMODATION: While booking for your accommodations in a country always keep in mind that while hotels can get expensive, they are luxurious , although renting an apartment or staying at a B&B is always cheaper.
– Booking a hotel/apartment near the city centre is always expensive but I feel that it is worth it as all the main points of attraction are within a few kilometres of your reach thus you can cover more touring spots within a short span of time.
– Always keep in mind the fact that most of the time you will be out touring the city thus spending less time in your room, therefore booking a decent low-priced 3 star hotel room / any other less glamorous apartment is more than fine.
– If you feel the need to indulge on a more luxurious lodging while at the same time remaining within your budget you may opt for booking a room at a five-star hotel on the last day of your travel visit. Not only is it really relaxing but totally worth it even though it may cause a bit of strain on your pocket.

Travel off-season. Trust me you will be able to save a lot of money.
Travelling during the peak season comes with a price. The hotel/lodging prices increase they are soaring high during this time.
Another advantage of travelling off-season is that you will be able to experience the cultures more deeply while at the same time there will be less tourists and more local people for you to interact with.
One more thing, less tourists = smaller lines at the touring destinations, and who doesn’t like that? 


If you are travelling off-season you are bound to get cheaper airfares. Whereas travelling during the peak season offers sky-high airfares. However you can get comparatively really low prices if book way in advance like four months or before.

– However if you are not travelling abroad airways can be avoided and instead trains can be opted too since they are comparatively cheaper.

– Travelling in a group can also be advantageous at times since group travels tend to get discounts.

– Another option while travelling in a group is that you all can always opt for a road trip as nothing says fun better than a road trip when you are with your friends. It will save the amount that you would’ve spent on train tickets. A full gas tank throughout your trip would cost only a single train ticket. And excuse me, who doesn’t love Wild Road Trips?


Make the most of public transport while exploring the city.

– You can always opt for city sight-seeing tours that at most places they are quite economical. You can then choose the places you are interested in visiting. These hop on and off city tours go throughout the day therefore when you buy a ticket make sure you begin your day early and since you can get unlimited rides on the city bus you save a lot of money.

Most of these tour tickets are valid for 2-3 days so moving around the city using these tickets is probably more wise and cost friendly.

If the city you are visiting doesn’t have such a service you can opt for a metro ticket plan for the number of days you are staying or a bus plan after comparing the prices. Appointing a tour guide can be a bit expensive, so I advise that you should get your hands on a Guide to the city.

Avoid touristy restaurants that say ‘we speak english’ as they tend to be more expensive.

Instead of going to such places you can go to some other local restaurant and try out the local cuisine for a much cheaper rate.

– Avoid buying souvenirs at the tourist spots. Usually they tend to be ridiculouslly expensive.

Pay a visit to the local market to buy souvenirs. Trust me they would be much cheaper, plus you can bargain a lot.

Communicate online:
The best way to save money is to communicate online rather than sending post cards which tend to be more expensive, seeing that most hotels offer free WiFi nowadays.

-You can also opt for international phone cards as they too offer cheaper calling rates at times. Check the calling fare rate and then buy the phone card if it is within the budget you have set.

While travelling abroad you should take into consideration the currency conversion rate as it will have a huge impact on your budget.  

Always get some cash converted at your country before travelling abroad. Go to your bank or some other financial institution to get your currency converted.

In foreign country don’t get your cash converted at an exchange bureau that don’t showcase both the buying and selling rates. These places are not trustworthy as they tend to rip customers off by deriving huge profit margins.

– While withdrawing cash from an ATM make large transactions at one go as even though they usually offer cheaper rates a transaction fees is always charged.

Always check the exchange rates online before getting your cash converted.

Shopping in another country, exploring and experiencing the cultures is something without which my life could not have been complete.

I hope that you find my travel on a budget tips useful.

I would also love to hear from you, until next time my lovelies.



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