How to become a Twitter Maestro?

The first thing you’ll need if you want to use Twitter is to learn to say less. No, really. Twitter gives you 140 characters and that’s it. Then these next five steps will make you a Twitter maestro. Let’s get started.


1) Download the HootSuite Firefox plugin or TweetDeck application.

Maybe even both, because the truth is: the interface sucks, and you won’t be enjoying Twitter if you’re stuck in your browser window.

2) RT. RT. RT.

RT stands for “retweet”, and you RT a tweet when you want to share something interesting said by someone else with your followers. An RT is like a personal recommendation. It’s very important to RT only interesting stuff, because it defeats the purpose otherwise. Be social.

3) Share interesting links.
I mean, we all read stuff online all day, and there are so many awesome links that should be shared. Your followers would appreciate a great link, trust me.

4) Brand yourself.
Choose one Twitter profile image and stick to it, for god’s sake. People who keep changing their Twitter profile pictures are so annoying, because when you’re looking at the stream, you are looking at icons, not names.

5) Be Cheerful:

Being cheerful is essential on social media. The saying is “Misery Loves Company,” but I believe we are all attracted to happy people. We want to be around people that make us laugh and have fun.




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