#DubaiDiaries: Part 1.


Hot, glamorous and elegant were a few words that came into my mind as i set foot in Dubai. Being fascinated will be an understatement. I was in awe as i watched the city go by me, people bustling, sexy cars around each corner on the way to my Hotel apartment – The Golden sands.

One of the few reasons  of my visit to Dubai was not only exploring the culture and touring spots but to visit a few of my relatives who are currently residing there. My uncle who trained young aspiring pilots was an immense help to us To say that this trip although a bit short consisting of 5 days was fantastic would be an understatement . I truly enjoyed my stay.

Now, about my stay at Golden Sands, it is a place which is easily accessible to all the key locations in the city. Taxi’s are not a problem in this area and are easily available. However i hope that you should keep in mind that taxis which don’t have a Taxi indicating sign although perfectly safe are a bit expensive than normal ones, After all you wouldn’t want to spend so much right while on a budget.Other than that the apartment was completely clean, hygienic and had a homey feel to it. It came equipped with a refrigerator, a kitchenette, a television, and other basic necessities.

Another reason for my stay at Golden sands was that it was closer to my uncle’s place  whose family was acting as our tour guide.

Anyways, there are a few points which you should keep in mind while staying there for your convenience if you are a tourist there.




The first and the foremost thing when you travel to a place is the selection for a place  to live while your visit . Naturally the most convenient place to stay is at the heart of the city as it is accessible to all the key touring spots in the city quite easily.

While travelling to Dubai the first and the foremost thing to is to keep in mind that Dubai is a metropolis therefore for your own convenience the wisest thing to do is to book your lodging place within the city centre or a place which is accessible to the maximum key points in the city easily as traffic is a nightmare in Dubai and it might happen that you end up not being able cover a touring spot just because it was getting too late because of the traffic and you were exhausted because  of spending too much time in a taxi going around places. 

You must also be thinking that Staying at the city centre would be crazy expensive especially if you are planning on going there during the peak season.Surely the cost would be a bit high but Dubai caters to all income groups therefore I am sure you would be able to find something suitable online.

Atlantis Underwater Rooms.

Underwater Rooms at Atlantis, Dubai.


Dubai is known worldwide for the best luxuries that the world has to offer.

Feel like living in the lap of luxury ? Splurging lots of money…You cannot come to a better place.

PALM JUMEIRAH – one of the worlds most finest hotels THE ATLANTIS.

Standing tall at the tip of the man-made island of jumeirah, it is a Disney fairy tale come true.

Whether you count on booking the penthouse suite, the suite with the underwater world view or the basic room – the experience is breathtaking.

The hotel’s  own private water park is free for all the tenants living there … and is an amazing experience and at the same time relaxing.



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