5 things that you face when you move into a big city

It’s strange to leave the comfort of your home and step into an unknown world. At the same time it’s exciting and adventureous, and we can’t wait to explore this undiscovered world that is buzzing with enthraling activities all around. That’s how we feel when we enter a big city, probably the capital, the centre of business activities, maybe the crossroads of social classes. From a city that had two malls to a capital that boasts infinite number of shopping centers; its scary in an amazing way.

So here are 5 things that are different about a big city from your hometown. You might move here to study or to work, we are sure you will face these!


1. The city is always bustling with activities. 

Whether it is a stand-up comedy show, an intellectual play, a book fair or professional conferences, the city always has something to offer. Gone are the boring weekends when you stayed in with a cuppa noodles and watched cable; the big city is always bustling with activities to cater to your needs.

2. The cheap food.

For all the foodies of the world, there is always that roadside stall of cheap Chinese food, the roll joints, the native food platters and so much more. You might splurge money on expensive rented apartments, but food is off the list. From street vendors, to roadside stalls, and cheap restaurants (most of which will give you a student discount as well) this city is every food lover’s dream.

3. The expensive glamour. 

Ah, the glam and glitz is what the city is known for. From expensive rooftop restaurants, posh cafes to the role famous shopping centres, the city offers you various ways to empty that bank account. You might be happy with a Westside and Pantaloons in your small city, but here you want and desperately need those Zara pants and that Burberry overcoat.

4. Nightlife. 

How can we forget all those nights when our memories were a little blurry and the mornings spent in hangovers? The city offers a wide range of alternatives to choose from – Live music, ladies night, karaoke and DJs. You can have everything you want.

5. Life in the fast lane. 

Unlike the life back home, here you won’t realize when hours turn to complete an entire day and when the week is over. You won’t understand how the month is coming to an end and you still haven’t completed what you were supposed to. Living life as fast as this is tiring and complicated, but then who wants to live small and slow these days? Definitely not us!




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