I judge people too fast! Are you one of them too?

No matter how bad a person may be he must be possessing at least one virtue . Be like the humming-bird and pick the sweetness of virtues. Often at times it happens that a person comes across as rude, arrogant or a complete bitch. I know that because I have a best friend who is often perceived as  rude and a complete bitch but I know that she is the most loyal, supportive and honest friend a person could ask for!

Anyways as I was saying we should not judge a person simply because he/she did something which you perceive as wrong. Let me remind you that, a person might have his/her reasons to do so and things turned out wrong. After all, this happens to the best of us!  Doesn’t it?

You should not just pass a judgement so fast – like the flip of a switch if you don’t know them. Try finding the underlying story first before you judge them. I’m sure under all the bad facade there is some good.

You cannot just go around calling people names like ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts’ now, can you? It is not right. Disputes happen but you should also observe that both parties are at fault, if not equally. Some people may cheat on you, betray you – but  it is not the end of life, is it?

Now now, we know that we are much better than that! Move On!! Forgive & Forget. I refuse to believe that a person can be deemed as bad, but you never know he/she might also be a softie at heart. (Aditi’s suggestion: P.S Don’t worry, sometimes people are really complete bitches! And I think we all know that we have to deal with them in the same manner! Do not be so nice like my lovely Resham! Because some people deserve it!)

It is easy for us to point out a persons flaws and equally difficult to find goodness in them . See the positive aspects of a person . May be the world would seem like a better place with less negative side?




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