The Review: Mia Bella.

Hewpid-wp-1433436619485.jpegy guys! I went to Delhi this week again! And I visited another cafe, Mia Bella in Hauz Khas Village. The cafe was amazing, I really liked the decor.This is one place in HKV with an awesome lake side view. It is a nice spot for a lazy lunch or a crazy night out, especially if you’re lucky enough to get one of the tables overlooking the deer park.

I ordered a Butter Chicken Pizza and mind you, the pizza had actual chunks of butter chicken on it! I know, I know I always order pizzas no matter where ever I go! But I love pizzas and this was so delicious, I guess better than the Chilli’s pizza. It was thin crust and amazing.


I also had quite a number of drinks as it was Ladies Night, which mean free drinks for us girls! While the name, which has a clearly Italian ring to it, their ambiance – the colourful walls, the curios and design will remind you of a Spanish café.

So don’t forget to stop by Mia Bella, if you ever go to Hauz Khas Village!



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