Is it me or is it you?


Well there always comes a time in our life when we all are left wondering ‘what happened?’ Or ‘whose fault was it?’ Is’nt it? As I ponder upon this statement I realize that things could have been lesser complicated …
We are the ones who make it more complicated than it is .. Our ego is one big thing that will come in between .. Even though we realise that it was our fault .. ‘Sorry’ is not a word in our dictionary .. It is a forbidden word isn’t it ?
By just mentioning this word a crime would have been committed!!
No! Right?! So what is the fuss about??!
Be it an affair, an intimate relationship or even a friendship ..I think the best thing that one can remember is that life is short ..too short according to me to ponder on mistakes, hold grudges or to hold on to irrelevant facts ..
Remember this mantra : Be happy ,stay happy .
Charm yourself with what you can do about your life ! Become hardworking ! And stop pondering over the petty fact about who was the culprit. Cherish yourself , your partner  and your family because when life gives you lemons its time to have tequila shots ! xD
Till then adiós ❤

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