The Start Of Something New.

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share something really exciting with you all. I’m starting my own fashion company with my sister! I’ve been thinking about disclosing this to you all for a while now, but I wanted to be sure before I made any announcement.

But now, I’m very glad to tell you that my label will very soon start functioning! I’m thrilled to share this news with you all. At this point in time, we have created a whole collection of amazing couture pieces, we’ll soon be sharing on our Instagram account @AMDESIGNS_OFFICIAL so it would be a pleasure if you all go and follow my Instagram 🙂 I’ll follow back everyone! #followforfollow

So guys please help me and follow @AMDESIGNS_OFFICIAL on Instagram 🙂






The Burj Khalifa- the worlds tallest building is a sight worth seeing for. At night when the Burj comes to life with the various embellishments in the form of lights is a mesmerizing sight. You can even go to the top of the Burj to view the wonderful Dubai skyline. At the base of this huge tower lies a fountain where every hour different genres of music is played and the fountain comes to life, dancing to the rhythm of the song.


Adjacent to the Burj is THE DUBAI MALL – the worlds largest mall – which you can’t explore possibly in a day. It requires at least a week. Really!!! For shopaholics ‘like me’ it was heaven on earth. Continue reading

5 things that you face when you move into a big city

It’s strange to leave the comfort of your home and step into an unknown world. At the same time it’s exciting and adventureous, and we can’t wait to explore this undiscovered world that is buzzing with enthraling activities all around. That’s how we feel when we enter a big city, probably the capital, the centre of business activities, maybe the crossroads of social classes. From a city that had two malls to a capital that boasts infinite number of shopping centers; its scary in an amazing way.

So here are 5 things that are different about a big city from your hometown. You might move here to study or to work, we are sure you will face these!
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