Only in Dubai, what?


Today I’m going to tell you all about a very bizarre ice cream. Yes! Who doesn’t love ice cream? But wait, because this ice cream will cost you a fortune.
It’s not your ordinary ice cream, it’s a $816 scoop of ice cream. You read the correctly, a $816 scoop. Dubai’s Scoopi Café has launched a $816 scoop of Black Diamond flavor ice cream, which contains the world’s most expensive Iranian saffron, black Italian truffle and 23-carat edible gold. The ice cream comes in a Versace bowl and spoon, which the customer gets to keep. Wow.
I know it’s unbelievable, I couldn’t just my own hands while typing this post. But it’s true.
So if you’ve got money in your hands, that you’ll really like to blow (do not ask me why I just wrote that. No more Bieber references! #sorrynotsorry) then go on!
But, you should know that it isn’t certainly the world’s most expensive ice cream.



#Travel: Rolling in comfort on a Budget.


While many of us love to travel we also know that it comes with a heavy expense. We all love to travel to different places and experience different cultures. Unfortunately most of us have limited income therefore in order to make our travel comfortable and at the same time affordable we need to set a budget. After all travelling on a budget is all about playing your cards right. 

ACCOMMODATION: While booking for your accommodations in a country always keep in mind that while hotels can get expensive, they are luxurious , although renting an apartment or staying at a B&B is always cheaper.
– Booking a hotel/apartment near the city centre is always expensive but I feel that it is worth it as all the main points of attraction are within a few kilometres of your reach thus you can cover more touring spots within a short span of time.
– Always keep in mind the fact that most of the time you will be out touring the city thus spending less time in your room, therefore booking a decent low-priced 3 star hotel room / any other less glamorous apartment is more than fine.
– If you feel the need to indulge on a more luxurious lodging while at the same time remaining within your budget you may opt for booking a room at a five-star hotel on the last day of your travel visit. Not only is it really relaxing but totally worth it even though it may cause a bit of strain on your pocket. Continue reading