Thailand Diaries: Pattaya!


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” -Albert Einstein.

Hey Guys! I’m back from my oh-so amazing trip from Thailand! And for starters I just need to tell you all that all those shopaholics out there, if you ever get a change to go to Bangkok or Pattaya then do not miss it, because you’ll be in for a treat! So I started my trip in Pattaya, which an amazing coastal city near Bangkok. For all those of you who love to party, Pattaya is the place for you guys! The Walking Street in Pattaya is open all night long! The whole street is bursting with tourists 24/7 All the top bars, restaurants and nightclubs are situated on this street. You can also do a lot of shopping here, as you’ll find a lot of street vendors selling cute stuff. Not only street vendors but you’ll also find many good stores on the street where you can buy shoes and bags. Continue reading




Here I am, posing in Mykonos!

Hey there guys! I just had the most amazing trip of my life. Well this summer I took a vacation to Greece and let me tell you people, I absolutely loved it!! The European continent has a varied culture. European countries while being similar in nature are so much varied in their scenery culture and cuisine. Their rich heritage is what attracts tourists from all over the world. Different languages are spoken in each country yet there is some unknown factor which binds the Europeans together. While I have been to Switzerland, England, Scotland, Italy and Austria, Greece holds an altogether unique scenery. From the whitewashed houses with blue rooftops to the absolutely heavenly seaside Greece is an absolutely mesmerizing country, one which you can’t help but fall in love with. Greece constitutes of about 2000+ islands.. i know huge number right? Sadly, I was only able to tour 3 places in Greece : MYKONOS –SANTORINI & -ATHENS Continue reading

#DubaiDiaries: Part 1.


Hot, glamorous and elegant were a few words that came into my mind as i set foot in Dubai. Being fascinated will be an understatement. I was in awe as i watched the city go by me, people bustling, sexy cars around each corner on the way to my Hotel apartment – The Golden sands.

One of the few reasons  of my visit to Dubai was not only exploring the culture and touring spots but to visit a few of my relatives who are currently residing there. My uncle who trained young aspiring pilots was an immense help to us To say that this trip although a bit short consisting of 5 days was fantastic would be an understatement . I truly enjoyed my stay. Continue reading

#Travel: Rolling in comfort on a Budget.


While many of us love to travel we also know that it comes with a heavy expense. We all love to travel to different places and experience different cultures. Unfortunately most of us have limited income therefore in order to make our travel comfortable and at the same time affordable we need to set a budget. After all travelling on a budget is all about playing your cards right. 

ACCOMMODATION: While booking for your accommodations in a country always keep in mind that while hotels can get expensive, they are luxurious , although renting an apartment or staying at a B&B is always cheaper.
– Booking a hotel/apartment near the city centre is always expensive but I feel that it is worth it as all the main points of attraction are within a few kilometres of your reach thus you can cover more touring spots within a short span of time.
– Always keep in mind the fact that most of the time you will be out touring the city thus spending less time in your room, therefore booking a decent low-priced 3 star hotel room / any other less glamorous apartment is more than fine.
– If you feel the need to indulge on a more luxurious lodging while at the same time remaining within your budget you may opt for booking a room at a five-star hotel on the last day of your travel visit. Not only is it really relaxing but totally worth it even though it may cause a bit of strain on your pocket. Continue reading