Why we get attracted to nightlife in a city ?


  • Love socialising
  • Love partyin
  • having alcohol because you like it
  • The glamour
  • The fun

Well these are are a few reasons which come to my mind while i psychoanalayse the cause of attraction to nightlife in a city .

A city is branded as glamourous if it has a ‘happening’ nightlife whereas  when it just has  it monuments and the countryside to  rely upon it is deemed as charming.

It is the glamour ,the lifestyle that we get sucked into when we visit a city.

While Cannes in australia has one of the most happening nightlife in the world where everybody comes out on the street on a friday night Europe is bustling through the day and at night the nightlife is shifted indoors . In A few parts of  Europe like London not only the day is happenining but nights are simply fantastic , full of glitz and glamour.

Thailand’s nightlife is something to be remembered for where each turn ,each street has a club … the nightlife is simply amazing when the city comes to life

Well what more can I say … I haven’t visited many places…. But the feeling of getting lost in the glamour studded world is just euphoric ..

As this year is coming to an end I hope that you all have an amazing new year with a certain someone to celebrate with . Till then adiós amigos …



P.S  I am deeply sorry to all my followers for not updating since ages ..

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